Lesson Plans
Physical Science 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/07/2013 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
MAIN IDEA: what is a Machine
DISCUSSION: define machines and go through Mechanical advantage
assign wrk on machines- due on Wednesday
assign words-due on Friday
assign extra credit- due on Friday
collect lab
MAIN IDEA: what are the types of machines
DISCUSSION: discuss levers and the conservation of work
ASSESSMENT: assign machine wrk 1 - due on wednesday
MAIN IDEA: what is mechanical advantage
DISCUSSION: conduct lever lab ASSESSMENT: assign lever lab
MAIN IDEA: what is efficiency
DISCUSSION: finish notes on chapters 5 and 7
ASSESSMENT: Assign machine wrk 2
MAIN IDEA: review for test
DISCUSSION: review for test ASSESSMENT: correct assignment in class
collect words
collect extra credit
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