Lesson Plans
Physical Science 3-4 1st Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/18/2014 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
Main Idea: Introduce class/ discuss rules/ discuss scientific method
Discussion: go over homework ideas / discuss the 5 steps of the scientific method / discuss google. docx.
DEMO- Methanol Cannon
Assessment: Weekly words- due on Thursday
Extra credit- due on Thursday
GTKY sheet- due on Thursday
Rules sheet- due on Wed
Worksheet 1- due on Tuesday
Conduct opening day lab- due on Mon
Main Idea: What is the metric system
Discussion: finish discussion of the scientific method/ DEMO- think tube
Intro chapter 2- math toolkit/
Assessment: Worksheet 1- due on Wednesday
collect early rule sheets
Main Idea: What is the metric system
Discussion: Start chapter 2- math toolkit/ discuss density and math conversions
DEMO- liter / millileter cubes
Assessment: collect worksheet 1
Assign chapter 2 wrk 1 - due on Thursday end of hour

Main Idea: What is density / what are the parts of a graph
Discussion: go over how to do corrections
go over density problems- introduce boards and lots of board work
DEMO- density demos with balls and pop
go over parts of a graph
Assessment: collect weekly words
collect Extra credit
collect GTKY sheets
collect chapter 2 wrk -1 end of hour
Assign chapter 2 graphing wrk - due on Monday

Main Idea: NO SCHOOL