Lesson Plans
Physical Science 4th Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/28/2016 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
main idea: NO SCHOOL
discussion: EASTER BREAK
assessment:HAPPY EASTER!!!!
main idea: What is an atom and what are the parts of the atom
discussion: Discuss notes on Chapter 10- 1-15
DEMO with HNO3 and Penny
hand out periodic tables
assessment: collect project
Assign wrk -due on Wednesday
main idea: What is an isotope
discussion: review # of p,n,e
start discussion of radiation
slides 15-24
DEMO- show radiation meter and radioactive material
assessment: quiz over periodic table 1
collect wrk 10.1
Assign wrk 10.2 due on Friday
main idea: What are uses for isotopes
discussion: go over slides 25-39
go over half lives
assessment: take element quiz 2
main idea: conduct labs over halflives
discussion: conduct average mass lab and half life lab
assessment:collect worksheet 10.2
take element quiz 3
collect labs