Lesson Plans
Physical Science Block 3 and 4 2nd Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/08/2014 Instructor: Patrick Merrick Academics
Main Idea: What is a covalent bond?
Discussion discuss properties of nonpolar and polar bonds
Assessment: assign words -due on Friday
assign extra credit- due on Friday
Main Idea: what is a mixture?
Discussion discuss alloys and their properties
Assessment: assign worksheet on covalent bonds- due on Wed
Assign worksheet on alloys- due on Thursday
Main Idea: lab over properties of bonds
Discussion teacher gone-
conduct lab on compounds properties
Assessment: collect covalent bond worksheet
collect labs
Main Idea: review for test over bond properties
Discussion: what are the properties for ionic, polar, nonpolar, and covalent bonds
Assessment: collect alloy worksheet
Main Idea: test
Discussion: test start new chapter 11a
Assessment: test
collect extra credit
collect words