Lesson Plans
Pre School 3 year olds 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/01/2012 Instructor: Kathy Filter Academics
Theme of the Month Fall and Community Helpers.
Letter of the Week is E.
Circle Time: We will talk about the Letter E the sound it makes. What begins with E.
Art: Work on the E letter for their ABC Book
Gym: Play body parts games like Hokey Pokey and I'm a little tea pot
Outside: That a nature walk to check on the Season of FAll
I-Pads: Play games.
Circle Time: Check the Month and count in three languages.
Read: What Makes the Seasons? by Megan Montague Cash
Art: Sponge paint leafs falling
Gym: Play the sleeping game.
I-Pads: Play ABC games
Outside: Weather permitting.
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