Lesson Plans
Pre-School 3 day class 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/28/2013 Instructor: Kathy Filter Academics
Theme of the Month is Arctic Animals and this weeks letter is S
Circle Time: Check the weather and do the letter of the Week
Art: Write S
Finger Plays: Seamore, Seamore
I-Pad: Read stories and work on the Smart Board
Gym: Simon Says
Circle Time: Count days of the week to 29 in English, Hmong and Spanish
Art: Free play art with cups and sticks.
Finger Plays: Seamore, Seamore
I-Pad: play abc match and read stories
Gym: swim the deep blue sea.
Library: check out books with s in the title.
Circle Time: Read It's your Day and check the months
Art: make a groundhog in a cup.
Finger Plays:
Books: Gretchen Groundhog, It's Your Day!
Gym: Play with tunnels sit an spin and balancing beam.
I-pad: play with legos and I-pads