Lesson Plans
Pre-School 3 day class 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/11/2013 Instructor: Kathy Filter Academics
Theme of the month Nursery Rhymes and letter of the week is U.
Circle Time: What begins with U. Under, umpire, up, upside down, ext...
Art: Write the letter U
Finger Plays: Ten little Hearts
I-pads: tell the story of the Ugly Duckling
Gym: Play duck, duck, gray duck
Circle Time: Count the calender and check the weather.
Art: make a heart person
Finger Plays:Skidamrink a dink
books: Read the Three bears
I-pads: Have the children tell the story of the Henny Penny
Gym: lay out a maze
Valentine's Day Party
Circle Time: Use smart board for Love finger play
Art: cut hearts, count hearts
Finger Play:Ten Little Hearts
I-pad: retell the three bears
Gym: play with beach balls
Library: check out books with u in the title.