Lesson Plans
Pre-School 3 year olds 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/05/2012 Instructor: Kathy Filter Academics
Theme of the Month is Native Americans and Pilgrims. We will do Thanksgiving art and work on the Letter J.
Circle Time: We will talk about Pilgrims
Finger Plays: Over the River and Ten Little Pilgrims
Art: Work on the Letter J
I-Pad and build.
Gym Play London Bridges
Circle Time: Remind them the month has changed, count the days of the month and do the weather. Talk about Native Americans and how they help the Pilgrims.
Art: Totem Pole
Finger Plays: Over the River
Books: The Best Thanksgiving Day and This is Thanksgiving
I-Pad: Play A, B, C, to reinforce the alphabet learning.