Lesson Plans
Principals of Flight 1st Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/23/2010 Instructor: Doug Lee Academics
Monday; RC plane video, inventory parts needed for the year. (note planes have numbers on the controller and on the board in the plane


Tuesday; What is air, what effects air,
Lab- blow up a rubber balloon what are the forces on it? Blow up a helium (metal foil) balloon release each end of the balloons what happened and why. Now blow up 3-rubber balloons tie a knot and measure diameter of the balloon at room temp and after in the freezer in Sallys or Barrons room frig. For 15min or so what happened and why.

Wednesday-Friday; Forces of a plane, Newtons Laws (sheets in filing cab) lift, gravity, torque, drag
Lab: have the students do the following
Lift: Hold a long paper about 1 wide to your chin and blow over it (paper should rise) why does the paper lift? Now make a wing, drop wing pointing straight down from as high as you can get in the shop measure the distance of horizontal displacement.
Gravity: is not affected by size but is a measurement of mass. Drop two objects the same size but weigh differently (bottle of pop with water in it and the other empty.)
Torque: blow up three balloons use a string as a guide wire measure the distance traveled. Measure the diameter of each balloon trying to make them as close to the same as possible. Balloon one no straw in the end of it. Balloon two gets a 1/4 straw and balloon three gets a 1/8 straw at the blow opening. Have the students use different lengths of straws but they need to use the same length for both of their balloons
Week 3 Drag: parachutes if you would like to do the parachutes instead they have to make and drop an egg one gets dropped at six feet in height and the other from the top of the shop ceiling. (Different designs of chutes in the filing cabinet.) tissue paper, in my office or buy more and plastic bags I get from Stan other materials can be used just have to get them. Goal is to not break the egg at either height using the same chute. The basket that the egg is placed in can not have a lid nor can the egg be taped or glued in place.