Lesson Plans
Quade 1st Grade 2nd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/14/2009 Instructor: Kelly Quade Academics
Reading: Story- Yes, We Can -short e sounds and belnds with bl, cl, pl, dr, fr, tr,

Spelling: met, pet, get, let, ten, yes, want, good, plan, trap

Writing: Santa letters

Math: Plane shapes

Soc: Holidays Around the World
Reading: Practice conclusions, grammar - nouns, phonics practice - short e

Phonics Rdr - take home for Homework

Holiday poems

Math: Same size & shape

Soc: Holidays Around the World
Reading: vocabulary review and read Cat Traps, grammar - nouns,
spelling practice and short o rhyming

Math: Symmetry and butterfly project

Soc: Holidays Around the World

Reading: Spelling practice test, reread stories from the week, Leveled readers A & B, plurals

Math: Slide, flips and turns

Soc: Holidays Around the World
Reading: assessments in reading and spelling, review from week and practice vowels

Math: Making lists to solve for answers

Soc: Holidays Around the World