Lesson Plans
Repair/Mechanics 1st Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/18/2004 Instructor: Bill Fredin Academics
The students are working on many various jobs right now. I have two of them caulking windows, many are priming and painting the bathrooms, one is sanding the sheetrock compound preparing it to be painted, some are polyurethaning the woodwork that we put up, while two others are working on refinishing a door which we will be putting in between the two classrooms.
Today we got the materials to fill in the old window in the boys bathroom. We will frame out the window and then put sheetrock up over the opening.
We will try to get the window framed out for the sheetrock today. Other students will start making the oak window trim in the east classroom and putting that up. We are also still painting in the other rooms.
MEA no school.
MEA no school.