Lesson Plans
SR. HS Choir 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/11/2013 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Announcements: We are working very hard on our contest music now that we have completed last week's Pops Concert! Many students want to do solos and ensembles in May, so those pieces are being chosen and recorded this week. Cookie dough order forms have been sent in so the shipment should be here within two weeks. We have a clinician coming to work with us - the choir professor from SMSU - on February 25th, so we will be diligent in our preparations!
Voice Skills:We are simultaneously reviewing last quarter's concepts (blend/breath energy, resonance, attacks/releases/diction, rhythmic energy/articulation) along with this quarter's. Quarter Three is the larger picture: Four Fundamentals of Interpretation;breath, text, phrasing, rhythms
Theory Skills:
We have been doing solfege of Pachelbel's piece (placing do-re-mi etc. beneath the notes) and singing the piece accordingly. This helps with reading and hearing intervals and singing in tune. Additionally we are working in the key of G for sightreading, and the key of F
Music Analysis:
Listening Analysis: We will be analyzing both the Pachelbel and the Hebrew folksong we are doing for contest.
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