Lesson Plans
Science 8A 4th Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/03/2017 Instructor: Jessica Laleman Academics
Class will continue to work with conversions, then we will begin discussing the scientific method.
Metric conversions wkst due today
Students will finish learning about the scientific method and will complete a small lab to practice all of the steps in the scientific method.
Scientific method lab due tomorrow
Test on the scientific method and metric units tomorrow
Review metric units and scientific method
Test over metric units and the scientific method.
Students will learn about earth's interior and create a organizer on the layers of earth.
Video: History of the Earth on a FB field.
Homework: Ch.2 Lesson 2 wkst
Today we will talk about the structures on earth's surface and topography. We will complete a topography activity at the end of the hour.
Ch 2 Lesson 2 wkst DUE

Homework: Ch 2 lesson 3 wkst