Lesson Plans
Sculpture 3rd Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/13/2006 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Time to begin clay unit. Some basic material on pottery and techniques.
First assignment is 3 pinch pots, 1 regular, 1 elbow, and one Japanese tea cermony cup, talking today and tomarrow about the cermony and how the bowl should feel to you.
Advanced cut out wood this week, sand and glue together wall art on Steve Cambron's art.
Work more in clay. Add on to imfo slab construction.
Give parameters of assignmant and tools needed.
More slab work. May introduce navaho clay art , what it looks like, where it is made and how we will learn from it using theri traditional coil method.
now more slab and coil forsure.
Slab and coil.