Lesson Plans
Second Grade 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/26/2001 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Vocab--pg.62 and read the story "Howdy"--pgs.104-112
Math--Telling time--pg. 139-140
Spelling--the (a) sound--wkbk. pg. 54 and sentences.
Handwriting: lowercase-n pg. 32
Language: Daily Oral Lang.--Week 12-Day 1
Quest: Unit 2--lesson 3-phase 1
Spanish: 3:00-3:20
Multi-age: Nutrition Unit
Reading: Vowel Digraph ea(e) --pg. 64 and Alphabetical Order pg. 65
Math: Telling time to the half hour--wkbk. pg. 141-142 --
Math:Practice 5.2
Spelling: Spelling words in context--wkbk. pg. 55
Handwriting: Capital N--pg. 33
Language: Daily Oral Lang.--Week 12-Day 2
Art: 9:50-10:30
Multi-age: Nurse presentation on germs and handwashing!

Reading: Spelling Changes--pg. 66 and Initial and Final g(j)----pg. 67
Math: Time to Fifteen Minutes--wkbk. pg. 143-144
Spelling: Building Spelling Vocabulary--pg. 56
Handwriting: lowercase o--pg. 34
Language: Daily Oral Lang. Week 12--Day 3
Quest: Unit 2--lesson 3 phase 2
Multi-age: Nutrition and Healthy Bodies Unit!
Computer: 2:40-3:10
Reading: Initial Consonant Clusters scr, spr, str--pg. 68 and teaching sequence --teaching chart #60
Math: Sequencing Events--wkbk pg. 145-146 and Practice 5.4
Spelling: Proofreading and Writing--pg. 57
Language: Daily Oral Lang.--Week 12--Day 4
Quest: Unit 2--lesson 3 --phase 3
Multi-age: Middle School Play at 1:00!!!
Handwriting: Capital O--pg. 35
Reading: read "Howdy" pages 104-112 and Parts of a Letter--teaching chart #62
Math: Elapsed Time--wkbk. pg. 147-148 and Practice 5.5
Spelling: Test over Chapter 13!
Library: 8:30-9:00
Handwriting: lowercase p--pg. 36
Quest: Unit 2-lesson 3 phase 4
Multi-age: Nutrition and Healthy Bodies Unit!!