Lesson Plans
Second Grade 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/03/2001 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Vocabulary-pg. 70 and read the story "Pueblos of the Southwest".
Math: Elapsed Time--wkbk pg. 147 and 148.
Spelling: long e sound--wkbk. pg. 58 and sentences for each spelling word.
Multi-age: (Science, Social Studies, and Health) Snow Unit!!!
Quest: Unit 2 -lesson 4-phase 1--will learn how to express appreciation.
Handwriting: Capital O--pg. 35
Daily Oral Language: Week 13--Day 1
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Reading: Teaching Main Idea/ Details--pg. 69 and vowel digraph ea /e/--pg. 72
Math: Using A Calendar--pg. 149-150 --Practice page 5.6
Spelling: Spelling words in context--pg 59
Multi-age: Snow Unit!--draw a snowman--following the poem
Handwriting: lowercase p--pg. 36
Daily Oral Lanugage: Week 13--Day 2
Art: Mr. Ross
Quest: Unit 2 --lesson 4--phase 2
Reading: Main Idea/Details --chart work 72--Alphabetical Order-pg. 74
Math: Penny, Nickel, and Dime--wkbk pg. 158-159
Spelling: Building Spelling Vocab--pg 60
Multi-age: Torn Snowman Activity
Handwriting: Capital P--pg. 37
Daily Oral Lang. --Week 13--Day 3
Quest: Unit 2--lesson 4--phase 3
Computer: Mrs. Otto
Reading: Vowel Digraph oo--page 75 and Homophones--pg 76
Math: Quarter and Half-Dollar--pg. 160-161
Spelling: Proofreading pg. 112 and Lang. Arts pg. 113
Multi-age: Reading Rainbow-Snowy Day and Build A Snowman
Handwriting: lowercase q--pg. 38
Daily Oral Lang.--Week 13--Day 3
Quest: Unit 2--lesson 4--phase 3

Reading: Build a pueblo and Dramatize the building of a pueblo.
Math: Estimating Costs--pg. 162-163
Spelling: Test over Chap 14!
Multi-age: Snow Games!!!
Handwriting: Capital Q--pg. 38
Daily Oral Lang. --Week 13--Day 4
Library: Mrs. Hendrickson