Lesson Plans
Second Grade 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/17/2001 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading:Vocab-skills page 96 and read the story "The Train Set"
Math:Adding Tens--ps. 173-174
Spelling: Chapter 16 --pg. 66 and sentences
Multi-age: Music Concert Practice in the Big Gym!!
Quest: Music Practice in the Big Gym
Handwriting: lowercase s pg. 41
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson ( if music practice is over!!)
Reading: Long i and long o--Skills pg. 98 and Long word decoding--pg. 99
Math: Adding Fives and Tens--wkbk pg. 175-176 and Reteach pg. 6.2
Spelling: wkbk pg. 67--fill in spelling words in the story Up in the Mountains.
Multi-age: Christmas Customs Around The World--Germany
Handwriting: Capital S--pg. 42
Daily Oral Lang. --Week 15 --Day 1
Art: Mr. Ross
Quest: Unit 3--lesson 2--phase 1
Reading: Vowel Digraph ea --skills pg. 100 and Homophones pg. 101
Math: Regrouping Ones as Tens: wkbk. pg. 179-180 and Enrichment pg. 6.4
Spelling: wkbk. pg. 68
Multi-age: Christmas Customs Around The World--Germany
Handwriting: lowercase t--pg. 43
Daily Oral Lang. Week 15 --Day 3
Quest: Unit 3 --lesson 2--phase 2
Computer: Mrs. Otto
Reading: Checkpoint Test!
Math: Adding Tens and Ones--wkbk pg. 181-182
Spelling: Proofreading pg. 128 and Lang. Arts pg. 129
Multi-age: 8th grade presentation!
Handwriting: Special Stories
Daily Oral Lang. : Week 15--Day 4
Quest: Unit 3 --lesson 2--phase 3and 4
CPT---2 hours Late!!!!!
Reading: Vocab Bingo
Math: Time and Subraction Bingo
Spelling: Test over chapter 16!
Multi-age: Christmas Parties!!
Library: Mrs. Hendrickson