Lesson Plans
Second Grade 3rd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/04/2002 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Vocab 153 and Read the story Harlequin And The Gift of Many Colors.
Math: Area wkbk pgs. 221-222. Use foam shapes to find the area
Spelling: Chapter 22 and sentences --wkbk pg. 92.
Multi-age: Dental Unit (See sep. lesson plans--blue binder)
Handwriting: Capital Z pg. 57
Quest: Unit 4 --lesson 2 phase 1
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Map Skills: pg. 1and 2.
Reading: Teaching Characterization 153 and Creative Writing and Performing Plays--TM pg. 607
Math: Equal Parts: pg. 223-224 (Halves, Thirds, and Fourths)
Spelling: Context-pg. 93
Multi-age: Dental Unit
Handwriting: pg. 58 and Improving Spelling pg. 59
Quest: Unit 4 --lesson 2 phase 2
Art: Mr. Ross
Map Skills: pg. 3
Reading: Inference 155 and Classification 156.
Math: Fractions wkbk pgs. 225-226
Spelling: Vocab. pg. 94 and Lang. Arts 178
Multi-age: Dental Unit
Handwriting: pg. 60-61
Computer: Keyboarding--Mrs. Otto
Map Skills: pg. 4
Reading: Long i and o 157 and Learning About Characters TM pg. 614.
Math: Reteach 7.12 and Practice 7.12.
Spelling: Proofreading--177
Multi-age: Dental Unit
Handwriting: Checking Your Progress --62
Quest: Unit 4--lesson 2 phase 3
Computer: Mrs. Otto
**Party for Laura Ingalls Wilder at 2:30!
Map Skills: pg. 5
Reading: Read the story Fredrick and Checkpoint Test!
Math: Fractions and Regions: wkbk pg. 227-228.
Spelling: Test over Chapter 22!
Multi-age: Dental Unit
Handwriting: Numbers 0,1,and 2--pg. 64
Quest: Unit 4--lesson 2 phase 4
Map Skills: pg. 6
Library: Mrs. Hendrickson