Lesson Plans
Second Grade 3rd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/25/2002 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Vocab skills 17 and read the story "The Bundle of Sticks"
Math: Subtracting wkbk pg. 247-248 and Enrichment pg. 8.5
Spelling: Words with sl and sp pg. 110 and 5 question sent.
Multi-age: Family Unit (See white binder for sep. lesson plans)
Handwriting: Numerals 3-5 pg. 65
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Maps Skills: pg. 12
Quest: Unit 5 lesson 1 phase 1
Reading: Teaching Drawing conclusions skills pg. 16 and discuss fable endings, using a dictionary TM pg. 76.
Math: 2-Digit Subtraction wkbk pg. 249-250 and Practice 8.6.
Spelling: pg. 111
Multi-age: Family Unit
Handwriting: Numerals 6-8 pg. 66
Art: Mr. Ross
Maps Skills: pg. 13
Quest: Unit 5 lesson 1 phase 2
Reading: Drawing conclusions skills pg. 20 and Vowel Digraphs ou,ow skills pg. 21.
Math: Patterns in Subtraction wkbk pg. 251-252 and Reteach 8.7
Spelling: Vocab pg. 112 and proofreading-pg. 210
Multi-age: Family Unit
Handwriting: Numerals 9-20 pg. 67
Computer: Keyboarding --Mrs. Otto
Map Skills: pg. 14
Quest: Unit 5 lesson 1 phase 3
Reading: Vowel Digraph--chart 20 and following directions TM pg. 84-85.
Math: Practice pg. 8.7 and Reteach 8.8 using strategies
Spelling: Writing pg. 113
Multi-age: Family Unit
Handwriting: Math Problems pg. 68-69
Computer: Mrs. Otto
Map Skills: pg. 15
Quest: Unit 5 lesson 1 phase 4
Reading: Checkpoint Test--TM pg. 87
Math: Subtraction with money wkbk pg. 257-258.
Spelling: Test over Chapter 26!
Multi-age: Presentation by the 8th graders with Mrs. Hendrickson.
Handwriting: Months pg. 70-71
Library: Mrs. Hendrickson
Map Skills: pg. 16