Lesson Plans
Second Grade 4th Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/15/2002 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Vocab skill 65 and read the story Animals That Migrate.
Math: Multipilication Readiness wkbk pg. 309-310.
Spelling: Chapter 33 wkbk pg. 140 Write sents. for each spelling word.
Multi-age: Earth Conservation and Recycling
Daily Oral lang.: Sentences on the board.
Spanish: Mrs. Jorgenson
Reading: Teaching Spelling Changes skill 64 and Learning from graphic aids skill pg. 67
Math: Reteach pb. 10.3 Multiplication Readiness wkbk pg. 311-312.
Spelling: Context pg. 141
Multi-age: Earth Conservation and Recycling
Art: Mr. Ross
Daily Oral Lang.: Correct sentences.
Handwriting: Spring stories.
Reading: Spelling Changes skill 68 and Antonyms skill 69
Math: Properties of Multiplication wkbk pg. 313-314.
Spelling: Vocab pg. 142
Multi-age: No Multi-age --Family Day!
Daily Oral Lang: Correct sent. together
Keyboarding: Mrs. Otto
Reading: Word Referents skill 70 and Accordion books about migrating animals.
Math: Practice pg. 10.5
Spelling: Proofreading skill 267
Multi-age: Earth Conservation and Recycling
Computer: Mrs. Otto
Daily Oral Lang: wksh 37
CPT--School 2 hours late!
Reading: Creating migratory routes activity on TM pg. 263.
Math: Multiplication wksh.
Spelling: Test over chapter 33!
Multi-age: No Multi-age ---CPT 2 hours late!
Weekly Reader
Library : Mrs. Hendrickson
Handwriting: Spring Stories