Lesson Plans
Second Grade 4th Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 05/20/2002 Instructor: Monica Otto Academics
Reading: Vocab 96 and read the story "Soccer Sam".
Math: Practice pg. 12.1
Spelling: Practice words for Friday and write sent.s.
Multi-age: Habitats
Spanish: Mr. Ourada
Handwriting: Months
Daily Oral Lang: Correct sents.
Reading: Teaching Digraphs ew (oo), ew(yoo) skill 95 and Final Consonant Digraphs gh(f) skill 98.
Math: Practice 2-digit adding and subtraction.
Spelling: Name Game
Multi-age: NO MULTI-AGE---Field Trip to the Museum
Art: Mr. Ross
Reading: Plural Possessive skill 99 and Vowel Digraphs ew skill 100.
Math: Practice 2-digit addition and subtraction.
Spelling: Spelling Bee Game
Multi-age: Movie on Habitats and Midwest Bank Presentation at 1:00.
Keyboarding: Mrs. Otto
Handwriting: Names of students in their class.
Daily Oral Lang: Correct sents.
Reading: Long Word Decoding skill 101 and Suffixes -ful, -less skill 102.
Math: Review Time
Spelling: Review for test on Friday!
Multi-age: Habitats
Daily Oral Lang: Correct sents.
Computer: Mrs. Otto
Reading: Checkpoint!
Math: Review adding, subtracting, and time.
Spelling: Test!
Multi-age: Habitats
Library: ???
Weekly Reader
Handwriting: Review