Lesson Plans
Second Grade Music 2nd Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/04/2013 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Vocalize:Ghosty Poem with voices; low breaths, throat relaxed, tongue down
Kodaly Work:Review Who's That, Train, Bow Wow tell Jim and Josie story
Instruments:add 'farm' animals sounds to Jim Along Story
Folk/Multicultural:I Like to Whistle
Movement/Activities:play Who's That
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving song
Vocalize:oo's and oh's with lots of voices, head tone, spinning air
Kodaly Work:practice re; do the 'attack of the hand signs' story
Instruments:playing patterns on glockenspiels
Folk/Multicultural:She'll Be Comin'
Movement/Activities:Ehka Mohda
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving
Vocalize:Down by the Station round; sending sound forward, keeping jaw relaxed
Kodaly Work:ostinato patterns with concept songs, start transparencies
Instruments:sand blocks, cabasa, maracas,xylophones with Train song
Folk/Multicultural:Critter Got Away
Movement/Activities:Shoemaker's Dance
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving
Vocalize:tall bodies, relaxed throats, sound forward
Kodaly Work:letter ladder, wood letters,hand stacks,
Instruments:improvisation on Orff instruments with concept songs
Folk/Multicultural:Dors, Dors Mon Petit
Movement/Activities:Jim Along Josie
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving
Kodaly Work:concept songs with rhythms and solfeggio, hand out booklets
Instruments:continue improvisation with concept songs
Folk/Multicultural:There Was an Old Lady
Movement/Activities:Draw a Bucket of Water
Seasonal Songs:Thanksgiving