Lesson Plans
Second Grade Music 3rd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/05/2012 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Goals: we will formulating a concert format for our April 3 program
Concepts this Week:Starting new unit highlighting syncopation and the whole note
Vocal Development:work on individual singing, remembering to start 'high' enough
Kodaly Work:story about Charlie who can't find anything
Instruments:play do-re-mi patterns, sol-la with Charlie song
Multi-Cultural/Folk Songs:Going Over the Sea p. 44, Irish Songs
Mvt./Activities:Epo I Tai
Vocal Development:same as above, work with intervals, listening
Kodaly Work:Morris the lazy hiker will tell a story
Instruments: practice whole notes with drums, maracas
Multi-Cultural/Folk Songs:Hurry Little Pony
Mvt./Activities:Charlie Game
Vocal Development:breath energy in the sound, individual singing
Kodaly Work:Pokey Paul can't get up in the morning story
Instruments:play rhythms of this piece with sticks, 4 children keep beat on drums
Multi-Cultural/Folk Songs:My Aunt Came Back
Mvt./Activities:Mouse Mousie Game
Vocal Development:energy in the sound by adding breath and good alignment
Kodaly Work:Milton goes to visit his cousins in Texas
Instruments:listen for melodic pattern in this piece, play it on bells 3 times
Multi-Cultural/Folk Songs:Jimmie Crack Corn
Vocal Development:opening up the mouth to let sound travel outward, breath ring
Kodaly Work:review
Instruments:derive rhythm patterns of songs we played this week, do color percussion
Multi-Cultural/Folk Songs:Bingo