Lesson Plans
Shakespeare 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/15/2008 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Hamlet--see video: Polonius's plan to check up on Laertes; compare to reading--Polonius: a buffoon or a sly schemer; read act 2, scene 2, to line 410: what's the big irony in the passage

Hamlet--review the big irony in the scene (Hamlet's reaction to Ros. and Guild. betrayal); see the Branaugh video of the actor's delivery; finish act 2; see the Zeffirelli video of Hamlet's reaction to the actor

Shakespeare's difficult language--exercise, find example of archaic words, ellipsis, archaic meanings, unusual word order, and so on, handout

Hamlet--review difficult language; read act 3, scenes 1-2, to line 290; questions

Shakespeare's sonnets--define; read a couple favorites

Hamlet--review questions

Shakespeare's sonnets--select a sonnet, deliver it

Hamlet--read to the end of act 3; questions; view the Branaugh video, contrast with Zeffirelli