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Shakespeare 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/17/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Hamlet--present graphics; read act 4.4.

Shakespeare--bio: view "In Search of Shakespeare" (to 1:43)


Yesterday they read through the next soliloquy up to Laertess entry. Seeing the Norwegian soldiers marching to battle over a worthless bit of land in Poland, an echo from the earlier plot, Hamlet once again has an example of those without good cause generating passion while he with good cause has yet not taken revenge on his uncle. It echoes the actors delivery in act 2.2. The actor is moved to tears, and Hamlet, who has cause for passion and only manages to act indecisively, contrasts himself with the actors passion. Both spots contain bitter irony.

Read on today from 4.5.75, Laertess entrance, through 4.6. Pass around the parts and do it orally. Mix it up. Discuss how Laertess reaction differs from Hamlets reaction. Discuss the burdens piled on Ophelia.

Continue with In Search of Shakespeare.


Read to the end of the act. Pass out the questions on 4.7. Due at the beginning of class.


Review the questions on 4.7. Have the students type their paragraphs. Insist that they have strong topic sentences. Work with them to turn the questions into topic sentences. Tell them to support their ideas with quoted words from the play.

Give them the rest of the period to type. Ive reserved the small cart. Youll have to hunt it down between periods. According to the schedule its in Mrs. Hendricksons room (Im pretty sure she has History 10). If/when they finish, collect, and they should then read act 4 again. Big quiz on act 4 tomorrow.


Quiz on act 4.

Play the video In Search of Shakespeare from where you left off on Tuesday.
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