Lesson Plans
Shakespeare 2nd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/03/2003 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Intro to class--syllabus, grading, rules.
Intro to Shakespeare's works--sonntes, narrative poems, plays; sonnets--get rhythms, get rhyme schemes; read and analyze sonnet 18, 60, 12; make sonnets.

Bonus--etymology of "delves"; other types of sonnets.
Intro to Shakespeare biography--Read chapter 1, "Shakespeare of London"; respond to problems: Shakespeare's family tree, his father's occupation and position in civil affaires, his mother, education, marriage, First Foio;
review sonnet exercise, finish.

Bonus--Ben Jonson's introduction to the first folio; Shakespeare's full family tree.
Review biography/questions.
Type sonnets, present.
Hamlet--the motivation of the guards: Shakespeare's other gift--characterization; ; read 1. 1
The development of the Elizabethan theater, read p.p. 111-113, "England in Literature.
Imagry--what it does to support the content; reivew reading 1.1 for imagry
View two video versions of 1,1. Which develops the motivation of the guards best? Which do you agree with?
The soliloquey in Hamlet; 1.2.129-158, read around, analyze for imagry, analyze for poetic structure.

The plot in Hamlet--read 1.2, read in parts, analyze the relationships; read 1.3, questions, analyze for relationships.
Make web of characters graphic.