Lesson Plans
Shakespeare II 1st Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/05/2005 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
No school--Labor Day.
Select an aspect of Shakespeare's/Elizabethan life to explore. Library research--focus on autobiography; anticipate future needs--using Plum Creek and interlibrary loan.

Julius Caesar--review reading from Friday; language and persuasion as theme; read in group to the end of Act 1, Scene 2. List the the reasons Caesar sees Cassius as a threat; list the strategies Cassius uses to open Brutus up to opposition to Caesar; list lines where language and persuation are developed as theme.
The development of the theater in England.

Julius Caesar--review questions from Tuesday.find an important line in the play through Act 1, Scene 2; why is it important? Read Act I, Scene 3; questions--what role so far in the play does the "mystical" play?, how is Cassius able to "cancel his captivity"?, add to your list of strategies used to move Brutus to join the (now developed) conspiracy.

Julius Caesar--review questions from Wednesday. View video of Act 1. List themes. Group reading of Act 2, Scene 1 to line 194; Brutus's justifications.
Julius Caesar--group reading of Act 2, Scene 1, line 195 to end of Act 2. Choose two themes; how are they developed in the act? Find a series of a few lines--block the lines with the class; example from Act 1, Scene 2, lines 25 to 36. Due Monday.