Lesson Plans
Social Studies 7 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/14/2002 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
Students are to have read pages 101-103 for today on world resources

Key terms: natural resources, renewable resource, nonrenewable resource, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, geogthermal energy and solar energy
Additonal terms for the unit: economy, producer, goods, services, consumer, primary industry, tertiary industry, traditional economy, market economy, capitalism
students are to have read pages 105-107 on world economic activity for today

Societies make various choices in how to organize their economies and governments in order to provide for the needs of their people.

What are the categories of industry and what do they produce?
What are the basic ecoomic systems in use around the world.
Key terms: manufacturing, developed coutnry, developing country, gross national product, per capita GNP, subsistence farming, commercial farming, government, direct democracy, constitution,
Students will work in gorups on economic and political systems discussed this week. They will prepare a "press conference" about their topic. Members of the class may act as newspaper, magazine or television reporters, asking group members about the principles, benefits and disadvantages of their form of government or economic system. Students will have half of the class period to prepare and the later half for the press conference itself.
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