Lesson Plans
Social Studies 7 3rd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/11/2002 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
Students after taking notes on the background of Australia will work in groups. The class will be divided into pairs with each being assigned a major city. From the reading in the textbooks tudetns will find and lsit details about the city and report back to the class the information they obtained.
Students will read and translate a story from Aussie after more background notes are given on Australia.
Discussion on the language differences of Australia and the United States even though each speaks English

Worksheets are due
Morning class will do to the Library and find infroamtion on the Aborigines of Australia
Afternoon class will not meet due to the Middle School Play
Students will work in the computer room to find pictures to create a travel poster for austrial highlighting one of the eight major cities.
Students will have one additional day to complete this activity to be announced.
Australia powerpoint slide show
Afternoon class will leave for the Liberty day program by 2:00