Lesson Plans
Social Studies 8 1st Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/16/2002 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
8A will read the British Physicians perspective on slave-a priamry source reading.-do the understandign what you read.
the activity will be to write a speech thatt they will write to persucade their peers on the Anti-slavery society

8B Will read Nathaniel Bacon-a biography reading and complete the understanding. from this they will pretend to be a newspaper reporter during the time of Bacon's Rebellion.

Check flip books
finish discussion of life in the English colonies. if time permits students will view slideshow of artifacts and places from this period of time
The middle colonies. How did the Dutch gain control in the new world
Why were the Quakers persecuted in England and who was William Penn
Pages 83-86
Students will also locate the middle Colonies on a map and disucss why this was a good location
students are to continue with the vocabulary flip book
The southern colonies

Who were the couthern colonies, What type of government did they have, what was the relationship with the Indians, why the division of the Carolina's. what are the terms from the reading
DUE page 92, key terms, people (not places) Main idea0even questions
test Friday over chapter 3