Lesson Plans
Social Studies 8 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/12/2001 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
Students are to pages 172-174
What were the American tactics at sea and in the west and south
What battle cost the British the war
Where did the Privateers operate
Why did the Ameican used guerrilla tactics in the Carolina
Students are to read pages 179-182
what were some of the small victories of the American Revolution that would become difficult gains.
What other countries helped the patriots
what happened at Valley Forge
Students are to read pages 179-182

Why the British lost the war
What was the role of women and blacks in the war effort
What were the provisions of the Treaty of Paris
Worksheets are due
how the American Revolution would later spur uprisings in France and in Spain's Latin American colonies
whether the U.S. had turly won the respect of Great Britain and other European powers as a result of winning the Revolutionary War
Prairie winds in Westbrook
Students will receive inforamtion they need to work with the elem. on Monday.
class periods are shortened due to CPT
Students will be involved in a review activity for the test on Tuesday