Lesson Plans
Social Studies 8 2nd Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/08/2004 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
Prepare for conferences

Discussion on the reading completed in class on Friday:

Begin on Monday and finish on Tuesday:

areas highlighted are: army, Ethan Allen, Bunker Hill and attempts at peace
A film clip from the Patriot will be shown and a reaction to it will be written
Students are to read 193-199 beginning the early years of the war.
The American desire to gain rights and liberties' led them to fight for Independence from Britain. Those rights they fought for are some of the same ones we have today and protected under the Constitution.

Who are the people :
George Washington students will complete a herringbone
Discuss the terms: mercenary (relate to modern times), strategy and rendezvous

Chart British strategies to include the battles of Mohawk and Saratoga
Finish the material from Wed and show a film clip from the Patriot
Students are to read 200-205
Terms to discuss in class: bayonet, ally, desert and privateer.

Students will complete a Herringbone on the Marquis de Lafayette and John Paul Jones

Some Europeans decided to help the Americans. This reading shows the students how the war was fought both on land and water. Students will work in small groups and will read a passage and write the main idea of the reading for discussion. The topics for each reading will be provided. Students will be paired before class.
Sections of reading:
War on the Frontier and War at Sea