Lesson Plans
Social Studies 8 3rd Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/26/2004 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
Students are to read 293-295
How was Jefferson's presidency tested by conflict within the Supreme court, sectionalism and war

who was John Marshall and how did he expand the power of the Supreme court

What conflicts in slavey and with the Indians were a part of the time period as well?
Read pages 296-299

The conflict with the Barbary states: what were the Barbary states, locate them on a map and what military action against the Barbary Pirates was taken

What effct did the wars of Europe have on the Untied States

How did President Jefferson attempt to deal with threats to American shipping
Read the last section in the chapter pages 300+

The war of 1812

Why did the Untied States declare war against Great Britain
What were the major successes and failures in the Northen campaign
What success did Untied States ships have against the British navy
How did the Brtish conduct of war change in 1814
finish the chapter and work on posters
worksheets and poster are due