Lesson Plans
Social Studies 8 4th Q 03.04 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/19/2004 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
Students will receive a study guide/outline that they will complete by reading Chapter 15. Chapter 15 includes the events leading up to the Civil War.
Students will receive an essay assignment to end the Westward Expansion unit. They must also finish a calendar/mapping activity. Both of these assignments are due on Friday, April 23, and if they are not turned in on that day the score will be a zero.
Chapter 15, Section 1, pages 421-424: Governing the New Western Lands.
Students will understand what led to the free-soiil movemnt.
Students will learn the terms of the Compromise of 1850.
Chapter 15, Section 2, pages 425-428: The Failure of Compromise
Students will learn how Northerners resisted the Fugitive Slave Law.
Students will learn how sectional divisions increased.
Chapter 15, Section 3, pages 429-432: A House Divided
Students will know the results of the Dred Scott decision.
Students will understand how Lincoln and Douglas each defined the slavery issue during their 1858 debates.
Students will learn the effects of John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry.
Chapter 15, Section 4, pages 433-436: The Gathering Storm
Students will understand the impact of the election of 1860 on the South.
Students will compare the differences that divided the North and the South.
Students will learn about the attack on Fort Sumter.

Due Today: Assignment for week of April 19, 2004

1. Finish calendar activity

2. Finish the K-W-L

3. 5 Paragraph essay to be placed in your journal: How was manifest destiny carried out through the events of Westward Expansion. This was assigned in class on Monday

The first paragraph is to be about Manifest Destiny in your own words.

5- 6 sentences per paragraph with approximately 8 words to a sentence