Lesson Plans
Social Studies 8A 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/21/2009 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
In class activity : report from the new world. Pages 90 /91. Students will work in teams to complete the activity
Students are to have read pages 92-97
The New England colonies
Religion influenced the settlement and government of the New England colonies.
The Puritan work ethnic and religious beliefs influence American culture today
Puzzle activity due

Finish notes from Tuesday.

Film: History channel Salem Witch trails
Students are to read 100-103

Founding the Middle and Southern Colonies

Students will compare the four Middle Colonies and their growth.
Students will see how economics can influence the development of a region-Southern
Why was Georgia and Maryland founded
Graphic organizer activity comparing the Middle Colonies--20 minutes
Finish notes from the chapter

Test will Be Tuesday Sept. 29