Lesson Plans
Social Studies 8A 3rd Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/21/2011 Instructor: Mary Jo Hendrickson Academics
Section 1 chapter 12 page 369-373

students will review the importance of the election of 1824
What was Jacksonian democracy and eh expansion of voting rights
was was Jackson known as the people's president
assignments are due

continue with the Jacksonian period and his use fo the spils sytem to begin a new political era
read section 2 374-378

What was the conflict between whites and Native Americans in the Southeast
what was Jacksons Indian removal policty
What were the hardships of the trail of tears
why or how did he Native American gorups in the East resist removal
Trail of tears activity
if students do not complete in class this will be due on Tuesday
read section 3 conflicts over states rights pages 379-383

what was the issue (s) that led to sectional differences
What was the TAriff of Abominations an dhow did it lead to the crisis over nullification
discuss the issue of stsates rights
why did South Carolina threaten to secede from the Union and how was it resolved