Lesson Plans
Spanish 1 3rd Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/19/2009 Instructor: Candice Duerksen Academics
Introduction to class and myself!
Syllabus given with expectations and consequences.
Interest Survey
Spanish Children's video: Pinky Dinky Doo
Students will learn how to greet each other and say where they are from.
Students are put into groups to create a dialog and present it to the class.
Students will know the places where Spanish is spoken and will complete maps.
Collection of maps.
Review of capitals and countries where Spanish is spoken.
Learn alphabet and sing song!
Introduction to chapter vocabulary. Students create flash cards of art for the class to practice.
Empecemos a conversar: p.15
Sing alphabet song and go through vocabulary flash cards as review.
Book covering and Parent's/Guardian's signature due.
Teacher and students walk around school learning new vocabulary/practicing alphabet. Teacher spells out common objects/places around school.
Students will be able to learn numbers 0-31
HW A-E in workbook