Lesson Plans
Spanish 1 Block 1 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/23/2013 Instructor: Jenna Hafner Academics
Students will have 5 minutes to finish their collages and ask questions. Students will present their collages and turn them in. Practice with pronouns and ser - smart board activities. Watch Telehistoria escena 2 and do worksheet activities.

HW: practice with pronouns worksheet
Power point activity - show pictures of people doing different activities. students must say what each person likes to do using the correct pronouns and forms of gustar. Watch Telehistoria escena 3. Interview activity - students will ask 5 people what they like to do and record answers. Answers will be shared with the class.

HW: crucigrama and sopa de letras
Study Hall (9th and 10th graders will be gone)
Listening activities B and C with vocabulary from chapter. Reading activity - students will complete the reading activity from the chapter with a partner. Culture: latin music in the US - view Prezi about latin artists and listen to song clips.

HW: Write an email - follow example and guidelines from the book pg.47 act. 21
Review day - test on monday

HW: Did you get it packet