Lesson Plans
Spanish 1 Block 2 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/10/2012 Instructor: Candice Duerksen Academics
1. Opener
2. Review Country names,
a. Finish filling in capitals in vocab list
b. Pronounce capitals
3. SB  New vocab p. 12 SB ¿Como eres?
a. Fill in vocab list
b. Ask questions (¿Es Isabel de Argentina?... ¿De dónde es Marisol?...)
c. A Responder!
4. Write a question on WB and ask classmates
5. p.14 Act 11-12, redo Act 11 and spell names and countries
6. p.15 Nota-Questions
7. p.15 Act 13
8. Give students 2 notecards (name and country)
a. Ask and answer questions
Homework: ¿De dónde eres? Pp. 11, 12
Collect HW
1. Opener
2. Communicative Activity - ¿De Dónde eres?
3. Review/learn numbers 1-10
a. Practice with game on p27B
4. SB  new vocab p16 Mi numero de telefono
a. Fill in vocab list
b. A responder!
c. Practice
5. p. 17 act 14-16
6. p. 17 TPR activity
Life 101
1. Opener
2. Review Mi numero de telefono
3. Activity-pass out notecards with name (some teachers), feeling, country and telephone #. Students ask each other.
4. Line game/Around the World-letters, numbers
5. SB  new vocab p18 Los dias de la semana
a. Fill in vocab list
b. A Responder!
c. Practice
Homework: Mi número de teléfono pp. 14, 15
Collect HW
1. Opener
2. Review Los Dias de la semana
3. p19 Act 17-19
4. p19 Group Work
5. SB  Bingo with numbers/days of week
6. SB  new vocab p20 ¿Que tiempo hace?
a. Fill in vocab list
b. A Responder!
c. Practice