Lesson Plans
Spanish 1 Block 2 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/09/2013 Instructor: Jenna Hafner Academics
Go over homework and review numbers / days of the week. Play Battleship on smartboard for number review. Learn vocabulary to talk about weather. Read pg. 20 and practice with pg. 21 activity 22. Look up weather of different Spanish speaking countries online and describe weather in Spanish.
HW: Make a weather chart - For each season include the weather, the temperature (hace frio/hace calor), and a picture
Use TPR (total physical response method) to practice classroom commands in Spanish. Review ALL vocabulary from Leccion Preliminar with whiteboard game in teams.
HW: book pg. 26 act. 2, pg. 27 act. 4
Test - Leccion Preliminar

HW: vocabulary list for Unidad 1 Leccion 1
Go over tests. Unit 1 lesson 1 introduction - culture pg. 28-29 (Los Estados Unidos). Check vocab lists (translate and repeat). Use TPR to practice vocab. Watch Vocabulario en Vivo clip.

HW: vocabulario A
Correct homework in class and review vocabulary. Talk about the difference between verbs and nouns. Activity: make 2 columns on a piece of paper. Put "verbos" in one column and "sustantivos" (verbs/nous) in the other column. Grammar notes: gustar (to like).
HW: Vocabulario B & C