Lesson Plans
Spanish 1 Block 2 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/07/2013 Instructor: Jenna Hafner Academics
Check vocabulario A in class and practice pronunciation of vocabulary words. Vocabulary practice activity: students will work in teams to list as many adjectives about famous people (ppt presentation) as possible. More practice - SMART Board opposites activity.

HW: Vocabulario B y C
Review pronouns and ser with grammar notes and practice by writing the correct conjugations for a variety of subjects. Sentence translation: students will translate sentences about where people are from.

HW: pg. 39 actividad 8
Grammar notes - indefinite and definite articles in Spanish and singular and plural pronouns in Spanish. Do pg. 62 activities 5,7 to practice.

HW: Gramatica A/B
Watch Telehistoria escena 1 and do video worksheet activities. More practice with articles: I will show a noun from previous chapters, they will write the indefinite and definite article on mini whiteboards to check for understanding. Quiz tomorrow.

HW: worksheet on articles, study for quiz
Quiz - students will take grammar quiz on definite and indefinite articles (online). They may use the rest of the hour to practice vocabulary for the chapter on my website using flashcards and games.

HW: Textbook pg. 60 & 63 "para y piensa" section