Lesson Plans
Spanish 1 Block 2 2nd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/29/2012 Instructor: Candice Duerksen Academics
Collect Openers
Collect extra credit stickers
Do U1L1 listening
Power Point Presentations
1. Start U1L2
a. p. 54
2. New vocab
a. SB  New vocab with pictures
b. on WB  after each section, write adjectives that describe yourself.
c. Share with partners
d. On WB  after Other words/Phrases, go back through words and write un poco or muy for any adjectives.
3. Pp. 56-57
a. translate with partners
b. fill in vocab lists

1. Opener
2. Go over U1L1 tests
3. Review U1L2 vocab
4. Dia de los muertos activities
1. Dia de los muertos activities
1. Review U1L2 vocab
2. Finish translations/read translations
3. Ask and answer questions
4. A responder, p. 57
5. Workbook packet, Vocab A act 1-3
6. P. 58 act 1