Lesson Plans
Spanish 1 Block 2 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/14/2013 Instructor: Stephanie Bonham Academics
Monday January 14th
new seating arrangement
Read page 108-109, discuss Tema and picture
Smartboard-vocab with pictures, go over directions song
whiteboard-practice new words
go over translations
A responder on page 111

Tuesday January 15th
review vocab
Ask questions with new vocab words, cauntos hay, como estas....
write 2 questions asking como estas cuando... track answers on WB
workbook packet vocab A activity 1-3
Presentacion de vocabulario
Homework-study for 1st vocab quiz

Wednesday January 16th
attendance/review vocab
vocab quiz 1/5
workbook packet vocab B, act 1-3
page 112 activities 1-3
workbook packet vocab 3 activities 1-3
vocab review game-fly swatter game or quizlet.com
homework U2L2 worksheet

Thursday January 17th
review vocab
tele 1 plus worksheet
page 114 activities 4 and 5
Have students write sentences describing the classroom using numbers or prepositions of location for example, their sentences may be hay un mapa al lado de la puerta. hay un pizarron cerca de la ventana, hay veinticinco escritorios.
Homework; study for vocab quiz

Friday January 18th
vocab quiz 2/5
review vocab
gramatica notes- estar page 115 read to self and then fill in grammar notes sheet
workbook packet estar A activities 1-3
homework: study for vocab 3/5