Lesson Plans
Spanish 1 Block 2 4th Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/17/2014 Instructor: Jenna Hafner Academics
-grammar notes: stem changing verbs
-practice with stem changing verbs
+quizlet pairs on Smart board
+conjugation races on whiteboards
HW: grammar A
-watch Señor Jordan on stem changing verbs and do practice activities
-practice grammar with rainbow writing conjugations
HW: grammar B
-vocabulary practice: make clothing posters. Divide poster into 4 seasons. Each season must include 5 clothing items you would wear in that season (picture + label), one sentence about what the weather is like in that season, and an illustration of the season.

HW: finish posters
-practice activities with vocabulary and grammar on laptops
HW: grammar C
-watch video about Barcelona and do video worksheet
HW: crossword puzzle with stem changing verbs