Lesson Plans
Spanish 1 Block 3 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/14/2013 Instructor: Stephanie Bonham Academics
Monday January 14
Warm up up on page 12
Follow presentation strategies on page 12
A responder on page 13
Pronounce names of countries on page 12 and 13
Fill in capitals
Communicative activity
Homework: study for vocab quiz 3/5
Page 14 activities 11 and 12

Tuesday January 15th
Vocab quiz 3/5
Redo activity 11 and spell names and countries
Page 15 nota questions
Page 15 activity 13
Give students 2 notecards (name and country) ask and answer questions
Communicative activity - de donde eres
Teaching with maps on page 13
Homework de donde eres/ page 11 and 12

Wednesday January 16th
Smartboard vocab mi numero de teelfono
A responder on page 16
Page 17 activities 14-16
Pass out notecards with name (some teachers), feeling, country and telephone # students ask each other
Smartboard new vocab page 18 los dias de la semana
A responder page 18
Practice numbers with game on page 27b
tpr activity on page 17
Homework: mi numero de telefono page 14 and 15

Thursday January 17th
review los dias de la semana
page 19 activity 17-19
page 19 group work
group work on page 19
smartboard-bingo with numbers/days of week
smartboard ne vocab page 20 que tiempo hace
a responder page 20
page 21 tpr activity on white boards
page 21 activities 20-22
study for vocab quiz 4/5

Friday January 18th
vocab quiz 4/5
smartboard activity-show weather pics have students describe
page 22-23 practice vocab
pair work activity on page 23
page 24 activities 23-25
group activity on page 23
on smartboard pull of forecast for grand forks and describe five day forecast
homework que tiempo hace page 20 and 21 and study for final vocab quiz