Lesson Plans
Spanish 2 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/10/2012 Instructor: Candice Duerksen Academics
1. Collect Conjunto project
2. Notes  direct object pronouns
a. Read p. 204
b. Fill in word box
c. Workbook p. 154 1-3
d. DOP wkst
1. Review DOP
a. Learn360.com video clip on DOP
b. P.205 act 11-12
c. WB  Question Bingo
i. Write 3 yes/no questions using stem changing verbs
ii. Must answer questions with DOP
d. P. 206 act 13
e. DOP sentence scrambe
i. In envelopes
ii. With partners
f. Workbook p. 155 1-3
2. Tele 3
a. Complete wkst
b. Review answers
c. P. 208 act 15-16
3. Review Vocab
a. Vocab quiz 4
Homework: WKST 7-8
Correct/collect HW
1. Review direct object pronouns
a. SB  Notes
b. Book practice
c. Workbook p. 156 1-3
2. Review tele 3
a. P. 208 act 15-16

1. Conjunto Oral Project
a. Pass back outfits
b. Groups of 4
c. Explain your outfits
d. Pick outfits for 2 family members and explain why
2. Review for U4L1 test
Homework: pp. 214-215 2-5
U4L1 Test