Lesson Plans
Spanish 2 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/17/2012 Instructor: Candice Duerksen Academics
1. Collect workbook packet
2. Collect openers
3. Finish U4L1 test (listening section)
4. Start U4L2
a. Read pp. 216-217
b. SB  Vocab with Pictures
c. Translate pp. 218-219 with parters
d. Go over translations
e. WB practice  Cual es mejor?
f. IF time Quizlet.com practice (in other bookmarks)
1. Opener
2. Review vocab
a. SB  vocab English  Spanish
b. Workbook packet p. 171 1-3
c. A Responder
d. SB  Communicative Act  3 Preguntas
e. WB Activity  Dibjua
i. Speaking and drawing with partners
ii. I goI eatThe bill costs
f. SB  category sort
3. P. 220 act 1-2
Homework U4L2 wkst 14-15
Vocab quiz tomorrow!
Collect/Correct HW
1. Review vocab
a. SB  Vocab in groups
b. SB  Communicative Act  En la ciudad
c. Communicative Act - ¿Qué se vende ?
d. SB  English  Spanish
2. Tele 1 + wkst
3. Vocab Quiz
a. Review in partners
b. Pictionary
Quiz ¼
Homework: Workbook p. 172 1-3
Correct HW
1. Opener
2. Review Vocab
3. Review tele
a. P. 222 act 3-4
b. Workbook p. 173 1-3
4. Ir + a + infinitive
a. Notes/discussion
b. Project
c. Listen and take notes on sentences, you must turn in

Correct/Collect HW
1. Opener
2. Review vocab
3. Notes  Stem Changers o-ue
a. P. 224 act 5
b. Workbook p. 174 1-3
4. Vocab review  Line game

Quiz 2/4