Lesson Plans
Spanish 2 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/23/2013 Instructor: Jenna Hafner Academics
Review for test - answer any questions. Take test - Unit 4 Lesson 2.

HW: read article about immigration from Mexico and be ready to discuss on Tuesday. Circle, highlight, and note article!
Previewing video actvity - KWL chart: write what you know from the article and from personal experience. Write what you want to learn after the activities. Begin watching "La Misma Luna" movie about immigration from Mexico to California.

Finish movie "La Misma Luna" and go over vocabulary that was relevant in the movie.

HW: prep for fishbowl discussion: write down questions you want to bring up that involve the movie and the topic of Mexican immigrants in the US
Fishbowl discussion about immigration

HW: vocabulary list 5.1
Unit intro: Ecuador. Watch short video about Ecuador. View pages 244-245 in textbook and make cultural connections between USA and Ecuador. Practice new vocabulary pg. 248-249 and do activities 1-2 on page 250.

HW: vocabulario A