Lesson Plans
Speech Period 2 1st Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/09/2006 Instructor: Carolyn Enstad Academics
"I've learned that nothing of value comes without effort," Age 41 (taken from Live and Learn and Pass It On) By: H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Finish up the worksheets for Chapter 2
Review Brown Bag Assignment
Formulate speaking order for Brown Bag Speech
"I've learned that kindness is more important than perfection.' Age 70
Students will write the manuscript that goes along with their Brown Bag Speech
NWEA testing- Grade 10 will be absent from class
"I've learned that people are about as happy as they decide to be." Age 79
NWEA Testing- Grade 11 students will be absent from class
final draft of manuscript for Brown Bag Speeches are due

"I've learn that it makes me sad when I 'm the last one chosen for a team.' Age 9
Students w ill be presenting their Brown Bag Speeches today ( 4 speakers)
-following presentations the students will be responsible for a self-evaluation and will receive an evaluation from Mrs. Enstad along with a peer evaluation from the audience members
"I've learned that if you stay focused on yourself, you are guaranteed to be miserable.' Age 71

Same as above