Lesson Plans
Speech Period 2 3rd Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/16/2009 Instructor: Carolyn Enstad Academics
"Don't take life too seriousily. You"ve gotta take things for what they are. ~Leonardo Dicaprio
Finish chapter reading on page 35
Conclusions-note taking
"I need to please myself more than I need to please anyone else. If I can't make myself happy,there's no way I am going to make anyone else happy.~Leann Rimes
Computer :ab~students will write their own examples of intorductions and conclusions
"Don't let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique. Be what you feel."~Melissa Etheridge
Computer Lab-writing process of introductions and conclusions
""Everyone should start to become her own role model in her own image." ~Emme
Computer Lab-students should finish up the writing process
fourteen different exampkes will be word processed and identified
"Enjoy who you are. Don't hate yourself for what you aren't."~Heather Graham
Fun Friday-Impromptu Speaking